Senior Package

Senior Care

By the age of seven, most animals are actually considered to be in their golden years. Since our pets age approximately seven years for every one of ours, it is vital that we perform geriatric screening every year. Age is not a disease; but there are many conditions, that if diagnosed early, can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods.

Senior Package

Blood Chemistry 25 $85.00
CBC $81.20
Amylase/Lipase $82.80
Thyroid (T4) $67.00
Thyroid (FT4) $105.00
Urinalysis $47.50
Urine MicroAlbuminuria $17.50
Value $486.00

Package Price $155.00

Working together to “Slow the Clock” with good Senior Care promotes long, healthy lives for our senior
family members.

Remember that annual exams are a must for younger animals, but senior pets should receive twice yearly

Studies have shown that as many as 17% of older cats and 23% of older dogs that appear healthy actually
have an underlying disease.