Construction Has Begun!

Construction Has Begun!

East Padden Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we’ve broken ground on our new hospital located about a half mile from our present facility. This new hospital isn’t a… Read more

East Padden Animal Hospital to Participate in Alley Cat Rescue’s May Spay Challenge!

Starting May 1, East Padden Animal Hospital will partner with Cherish the Animals to perform up to four complimentary spay/neuter surgeries on local feral cats, in lieu of Alley Cat… Read more

April is Heartworm Awareness Month!

By Chanel Baron, DVM You know that saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” If there was a disease to which this phrase most pertains, it… Read more

Did you know March is national adopt a rescue guinea pig month?

Julie Morris, ASPCA senior vice president for community outreach, named March after these small furry friends “… to encourage future adopters to think of shelters and rescue groups first!” Here… Read more

Holiday Recipes

Here's some of our team’s favorite holiday recipes they wanted to share with you! CHRISTMAS STYLE STACKED ENCHILADAS from Veterinary Receptionist Lissa Read moreHoliday Recipes Read more

Congrats to Cathy, Our Lead Client Care Coordinator

Introducing Vivienne Elise Young. Born: 8/7/16 at 8 lbs 2 oz 21 1/4 inch long. Read more

Tails from Elijah

Tails from Elijah

I wanted to tell you about this puppy, Mocha, who visited us quite often, almost every day for four weeks, for splinting of her broken toe. I really thought Mocha… Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween is a fun, spooky time for us and our kids, but it shouldn’t be spooky for our pets, too! Many things associated with Halloween put our pets’ health at… Read more

Medipaw Products for Patient Recovery

East Padden Animal Hospital is proud to announce we have started carrying Medipaw products for cats and dogs. This line of wearable rehabilitation equipment comes in boot and suit forms,… Read more

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