Tails from Elijah

Tails from Elijah


I wanted to tell you about this puppy, Mocha, who visited us quite often, almost every day for four weeks, for splinting of her broken toe. I really thought Mocha just wanted to see me, since I am so incredibly irresistible, but our wonderful staff assured me her visits were in fact because of the broken toe. Every doctor at East Padden Animal Hospital had the pleasure of working with her and hearing the creative ways she would remove her cone and bandage. Not even cayenne pepper, lick guard (she licked that up like peanut butter, YUM!), or any of the many other ways her creative family tried to keep her off it worked. This puppy is one of the most special bandage chewers we have ever seen. Thankfully, her owners kept with her, and the fracture is starting to heal. Every day, I see many owners with pets that resist bandages and e-collars, but a healed puppy or kitty is always worth the healing time, even if it’s over four weeks long!

Whew! That story took it out of me. I must now go and visit Amy in her office for a kitty snack.

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