Puppy Package

Puppy Package

Just like in human pediatrics, your new puppy needs special care. Appropriate vaccinations, tests and check-ups during their fragile first months of life are necessary.

Visit 1:

Physical Exam & Consultation
DAP Combo Vaccine #1
Oral Kennel Cough Vaccine – 1 year
Dewormer (given in hospital)
Dewormer (take home dose)
Nail Trim
Internal Parasite Preventative – 1 month dose
Flea Preventative – 1 month dose
CET Hextra Dental Chew
Puppy Food Sample
Package of Canine Lean Treats

Visit 2:

Technician Exam
Influenza Vaccine #1
DAP Combo Vaccine #2
Comprehensive Fecal w/Giardia & Antigen Tests
Lepto Vaccine #1

Visit 3:

Technician Exam
Technician Appointment
Influenza Vaccine — 1 year
Rabies Vaccine – 1 year
DAP Combo Vaccine – 1 year
Lepto Vaccine – 1 year

Value $777.00 | Package Price $435.00

Package also includes 10% off spay/neuter and 20% off microchipping.

Call East Padden Animal Hospital at 360-892-1500 for more information on puppy packages.