Mandibular Fracture Repair

Mandibular Fracture Repair

Mandibular (jaw) fractures are very common injuries in cats and dogs. Jaw fractures are most often caused by trauma, but can be the result of complications from dental procedures like extractions and advanced periodontal disease. Symphyseal fractures refer to the area where the lower and upper jaws join. These injuries can range in severity from obvious fractures that impede daily life, to subtle hairline fractures that are hard to detect. Common indications of jaw injury in pets are refusal to eat and difficulty chewing. The Dental Center at East Padden uses a veterinary radiograph to confirm that a fracture has occurred.


The repair procedure varies based on the severity of the injury, but your pet will generally be administered anesthesia. Symphyseal fractures are repaired using circumferential wire to realign the jaws—that is then tightened to hold them in place while healing occurs. Severe fractures may involve recovery times up to seven weeks.

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