This dental procedure helps remove and remodel diseased gum tissue. Gingivectomies are performed to eliminate deep pockets that are formed between the base of your pet’s teeth and the gum line. These pockets increase the risk of infection and harbor bacteria that accelerate periodontal disease, leading to tooth loss. If left untreated, dental disease can do irreversible damage to your pet’s mouth as well as introducing harmful bacteria into their bloodstream that can damage their heart, kidneys and liver.

The procedure begins with root planning to eliminate bacteria from the gums, then the targeted tissue is traditionally removed using a scalpel; however, modern technology has allowed for the use of lasers in some cases, this results in a less invasive treatment with a quicker recovery period.

Recovery time lasts an average of seven to 10 days. Pets should be limited to soft foods during that time. The risk of infection is still present, so the surgical sight should be kept as clean as possible.

Please consult your Dental Center at East Padden specialist for more information on periodontal disease and overall gum health.