Bonded Sealants

Bonded Sealants

Bonded sealants are used to repair shallow and deep dental fractures. Some fractures are impossible for the tooth to repair by itself. When this occurs, sealant is applied to fill the void, preventing further damage or infection, and allowing the tooth to heal.

The treatment process is quick and pain-free. Our veterinary dentists smooth the affected area and apply the light-cured acrylic bonded sealant, protecting the exposed dentin structures. The procedure is outpatient and requires no recovery period. Sealant protects your pet’s tooth for 3-12 months depending on environmental variables like chewing intensity and diet. Most applications are radiographed at 6-12 months to ensure that treatment was successful.

To learn more about bonded sealants and dental repair, please contact The Dental Center at East Padden today!

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